Restored brick facade on Georgian townhouse

PMAC restore glamour and elegance to Limerick’s Georgian quarter

The PMAC restoration team spent the summer of 2019 in Limerick on one of the City’s largest conservation projects in recent history. We were honoured to be invited down to carry out samples on the red brick façade by Conservation Architects…
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P Mac consolidates its Stone and Brick conservation and restoration services

We at PMAC are delighted to announce the addition of Ger Edwards, formally of Edwards Brothers to our team. Ger has over 20 years’ experience in the art of stone and brick restoration and conservation and will enable us to extend our service…
Mansion House Facade Cleaning P Mac team Dublin
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The P Mac team are hard at work around Dublin

Summer is here and our team has been out and about working on a whole host of exciting projects in and around Dublin. We work hard to maintain our position as the leading stone and masonry cleaning experts in Ireland. Here are a handful of the…
The dangers of power/pressure washing
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Cleaning stone and masonry - the evils of pressure washers

We received a call a couple of days ago from a distraught client, asking if we could rescue his Victorian red brick facade. He had hired some contractors to remove the paint from his entire facade and unfortunately they didn’t know what they…
Dog House - Stone and brick walls cleaned and restored polished concrete floor
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Complete refurbishment of Iconic's Georgian building on Merrion Square

We were very proud to be part of the team that transformed a dated Georgian town house on Merrion Square in to an ultra-modern, 21st century work space. The building has now been renamed the Dog House and occupied by Iconic Offices, the leaders…
Seminar the art of stone and brick cleaning and restoration
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Seminar: the art of stone and brick cleaning and restoration

P Mac collaborated with suppliers and competitors to deliver seminars on the art of stone and brick cleaning and restoration, while certifying our team to become Approved Operators of the Tensid range of cleaning systems. We are one of the…
P Mac restoring red brick facade Dublin

How to repair red brick facades

Brick facade heritage Bricks have been used as a building material since around 10,000 BC. They were originally made by the Egyptians, using a mixture of mud and straw that was left out to dry under the hot Egyptian sun. As time moved on, the…
Restoring the old Powers' whiskey stills at NCAD P Mac Dublin
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Restoring the old Powers' whiskey stills at NCAD

The National College of Art and Design (NCAD) is located on Thomas Street in the Liberties area of Dublin. There has been a strong tradition of brewing and distilling on the street, and hidden in the NCAD courtyard are three old whiskey stills.…
Brick facade cleaning and repairs P Mac Dublin

Brick facade restoration on Shrewsbury Road

Brick cleaning and repairs P Mac recently completed the cleaning, restoration and sealing of reconstituted red brick on the facade of a house on Shrewsbury Road, Dublin. To start off, we steam cleaned the entire facade - including chimneys -…
P Mac red brick facade restoration cleaning Dublin

Brick facade restoration

P Mac recently undertook a project for a private client to restore the red brick facade at a house on Marlborough Road, Dublin. Our brief was to clean and restore the front facade of the house, including repairs and re-pointing of the…