Marble floors restored residential client
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Top tips for keeping your marble and polished concrete surfaces in tip top shape

Now we’re all spending more time at home it could be a good opportunity to give your marble, stone or polished concrete floor some much needed TLC.   The beauty of natural stone, marble or polished concrete is its durability. Marble…

Polished concrete floors are becoming the number one choice for commercial flooring solutions in Ireland.

Aesthetically beautiful and eco-friendly polished concrete flooring is an ideal solution for commercial floors. The glossy surface resists the marks of forklift truck tyres; and maintaining the shine requires only minimal effort. The benefits…
Different solutions for cleaning and restoring grout P Mac
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Different solutions for cleaning and restoring grout

Grout. Perhaps not the most exciting topic of conversation, until you find yourself the owner of tiles that no matter how much time and effort you spend cleaning, still will not look clean. Unfortunately, dirty looking floors can prevent your…
Mansion House Facade Cleaning P Mac team Dublin
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The P Mac team are hard at work around Dublin

Summer is here and our team has been out and about working on a whole host of exciting projects in and around Dublin. We work hard to maintain our position as the leading stone and masonry cleaning experts in Ireland. Here are a handful of the…
Maintaining marble, without losing your marbles P Mac Dublin

Maintaining marble, without losing your marbles!

Marble provides a beautiful and durable building material suitable for flooring, counter tops, walls and tables. It has been a popular building material for a very long time, being used for the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Taj Mahal and Buckingham…
Antislip coating applied to a jura limestone floor P Mac

Hotel opts for a slip resistant coating on its floors

We were called upon recently to give some advice on a slippery situation. A polished limestone floor in the reception area of a hotel was proving to be a slip hazard. The limestone floor is highly polished and looks fantastic. However, as a…
Wearmax colour on vinyl floor in a medical facility

Wearmax: an innovative non-slip coating for floors

Reduce the risk of slips, focus on cleaning your floors better and faster while lengthening the life-cycle of your floor and enhancing its appearance! Slips occur mostly when surfaces are wet, and as a property owner or Facility Manager it…
Marble floor stripped, polished and sealed by PMac
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The dangers of having inexperienced contractors clean your floors

Be careful who you contract to work on your marble and natural stone surfaces! We were recently called upon once again to fix a marble floor that had been damaged by a contractor who really didn’t know what they were doing. The cost of repairing…
Antislip coating applied to a jura limestone floor P Mac

Applying an anti-slip coating to a Jura Limestone floor

P Mac was called upon for advice on how to render a Jura Limestone floor nonslip with an anti-slip rating of R10. This is the minimum requirement for floors in public buildings. We have almost 20 years' experience cleaning, restoring and…
Concrete polished right up to the edge

How much does a polished concrete floor cost?

The most common question we're asked about polished concrete is: How much does a polished concrete floor cost? However, there isn't one easy answer to this, as many factors will affect the cost of your polished concrete floor - the most important…
restored and polished terrazzo floor

A neglected terrazzo floor restored and transformed

This amazing terrazzo floor was about to be covered with lino until the keen eye of our site manager spotted what it was made of and pointed out the possibility  of restoring it to our client, the HSE. Terrazzo floors actually age very…
P Mac Dublin travertine cleaning

Travertine floor cleaning

Caring for your travertine floors Travertine has been a favoured building material since the dawn of civilisation and was chosen by the Romans to build the Coliseum. Modern quarrying practices have made the production of travertine easier and…
Portland stone floor restored original condition P Mac Dublin

Restoration of a 19th century Portland stone floor

P Mac restored a Portland stone floor in a Georgian house on Herbert Street this week. The new owners of the period home lifted the carpet and were curious to know what lay beneath. P Mac, as a Heritage Contractor specialising in stone cleaning…
Bray Boxing Club Katie Taylor slip resistant floor P Mac

P Mac works on Katie Taylor's Boxing Club

We were delighted to play a part in the refurbishment of the Bray Boxing Club, where our famous Olympic Champion Katie Taylor trains. Coy Katie — who won a gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012 — said her new knockout gym at Bray…