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Top tips for keeping your marble and polished concrete surfaces in tip top shape

Now we’re all spending more time at home it could be a good opportunity to give your marble, stone or polished concrete floor some much needed TLC.   The beauty of natural stone, marble or polished concrete is its durability. Marble…
Maintaining marble, without losing your marbles P Mac Dublin

Maintaining marble, without losing your marbles!

Marble provides a beautiful and durable building material suitable for flooring, counter tops, walls and tables. It has been a popular building material for a very long time, being used for the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Taj Mahal and Buckingham…
Marble floor stripped, polished and sealed by PMac
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The dangers of having inexperienced contractors clean your floors

Be careful who you contract to work on your marble and natural stone surfaces! We were recently called upon once again to fix a marble floor that had been damaged by a contractor who really didn’t know what they were doing. The cost of repairing…
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Choosing a marble or natural stone floor

Natural stone is a classic and popular choice for flooring solutions. Its timeless, natural beauty adds elegance and durability to any home. If you have decided to opt for a marble or natural stone floor, it can be quite daunting trying…
How long will my newly polished floors last P Mac

How long will my newly polished marble floors last?

Marble, limestone, crema marfil, travertine, slate, quarry tiles, etc. will need to be stripped, polished and sealed at regular intervals, or they will lose the deep lustre that makes them such a beautiful flooring solution. Our clients…
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How to remove stains from marble using baking soda

Removing stains from marble Marble and natural stone floors and surfaces stain very easily, and their maintenance can be quite tricky. The best defence against staining your marble floor or surface is to: Ensure they are sealed Stick…
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Protect your marble and natural stone surfaces by sealing

Always preserve and protect your marble and natural stone floors with a suitable seal! We just received a call from a very grateful client who had spilled a jar of beetroot on their newly-sealed crema marfil floor. Beetroot - that fantastic…

How to clean your marble floor

When we say 'marble floors', we're including all natural stone or calcium-based stone floors such as limestone, travertine, crema marfil and terrazzo. Marble floors add elegance to any home, can last as long as the home itself, but if you are…

Caring for your marble and natural stone floors

Natural stone surfaces, if cared for correctly, can last as long as your building. Marble and all natural stone surfaces are a popular flooring solution in both the commercial and residential environment. They have been a functional and elegant…