How to clean and maintain ceramic tiles

ceramic tile cleaning dublin P Mac

It is important to follow a regular maintenance programme for your ceramic tiles rather than letting the dirt build up. Here are our top tips for keeping your ceramic tiles looking like new!

  1. Loose dirt or grit should be swept up on a daily basis using a soft bristled brush or vacuum.
  2. The floor should be mopped on a weekly basis (or more frequently in heavy traffic areas) with warm water diluted with a low sulphate detergent. At P Mac, we recommend Stone Soap but there are other low sulphate/pH neutral tile products on the market.
  3. This should be followed by a final rinsing with clean, warm water to remove any residual detergent.
  4. We advise buffing your tiles with a clean white soft cloth after each wash.
  5. Generally speaking, ceramic tiles are low maintenance and should return to their to their original state after each treatment.
  6. Do NOT use abrasive powders on glazed ceramic tiles as these will damage the surface.

For more tips on cleaning and maintaining tiled floors and walls, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.