Guide price calculator – polished concrete

If you’re looking for a ballpark figure for your polished concrete job, here’s an easy way to calculate the cost.

  1. Decide which finish you like – the different finishes (platinum, gold, silver) are described in this post.
  2. Calculate the area to be worked and multiply by the per-metre cost in the table below.
  3. Add on €20 per m2 for sites over an hour from Dublin (to allow for travel and overnight expenses).
  4. Remember that all prices are exclusive of VAT at 13.5%.

Polished concrete pricing table

  • Area to be polished
  • Less than 20m2
  • 21m2 – 50m2
  • 51m2 – 100m2
  • Over 100m2
  • Platinum finish
  • €115/m2
  • €100/m2
  • €80/m2
  • €60/m2
  • Gold or Silver finish
  • €100/m2
  • €90/m2
  • €70/m2
  • €55/m2

Steps and bespoke surfaces are polished by hand and are, therefore, calculated separately. Bear in mind that edges are also finished by hand, so if the area is broken up by a lot of walls/edges, this will be an additional cost.

 Download a spec sheet about pouring concrete suitable for polishing