Public area cleaning and maintenance

P Mac operatives are a common sight on the streets of Dublin today. We have been instrumental in improving the cleanliness of Dublin’s streets for over a decade now.

A cleaner, safer and more attractive environment

P Mac assists Dublin City Council and We are Dublin Town in maintaining and improving the public realm in Dublin city centre. Part of Dublin City Council’s public realm strategy is the maintenance of public spaces, as well as the protection of the historic public realm and safety of its users. As stone cleaning specialists with Heritage Contractor status, P Mac can work on listed and ancient facades, paving and structures without causing damage – protecting and preserving our heritage.

As specialists in gum removal, we carry out this work nocturnally around the city, helping to improve the attractiveness of Dublin’s streets. Our graffiti removal unit is on-call 24/7. Our expertise is also called upon to carry out ad hoc projects such as cleaning and maintaining the many bridges in the city, removing the love locks from Ha’penny Bridge and cleaning the Liffey quay walls.

As part of Dublin City Council’s continued enhancements to the city and city areas, we carry out deep cleaning of footpaths and streets outside business premises in villages around the city – including cleaning bollards and signage.

P Mac is delighted to assist in all the improvements being made in Dublin’s city centre and her environs.