Wearmax slip-resistant floor coating

How can you keep floor surfaces looking great, reduce the wear from traffic, and generally keep them in tip-top condition without spending a fortune on expensive maintenance plans? In important facilities such as public building, schools, hospitals, etc., how can you maintain your floors with minimal disruption? And, most importantly, how can you keep people safe by ensuring your floor stays slip-resistant, even in wet conditions? P Mac has the answer!

Wearmax is a unique, high-tech ceramic floor sealer. It is a highly effective floor coating which gives you protection against dirt, scratches and can render your floor slip resistant even in wet conditions.

Wearmax: the first high-tech floor sealer with ceramic components

Wearmax coating on busy hospital floorWe can apply Wearmax to heavily used floors such as shops, offices, reception areas, hospitals and schools. Floors are guaranteed to last longer, look better and can be the safest floors available when coated with Wearmax.

A floor coated with the Wearmax system is:

  • Highly slip-resistant
  • Has powerful resistance to dirt and contaminants
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Guaranteed to offer a longer service life
  • Easier and faster to clean

A floor surface coated with Wearmax is considerably more resistant to wear and scratching. It also greatly enhances the look of your floor. Ideal for restoring a tired floor coming to the end of its lifecycle. Wearmax makes maintenance cleaning easier. As a result, you work more economically, more environmentally friendly and you will greatly reduce your life-cycle costs.